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Singa Plastics' newest area of specialization in Mold Fabrication takes on a whole new level with know how in Thin Wall Technology. With this new Specialisation, we cater to all sizes and types of the following.

  • (a) Thin Wall Pails & Buckets
  • (b) Thin Wall Take-Away Container
  • (c) Thin Wall Cups
  • (d) Thin Wall Ice Cream Tubs

Highlights of our Molds include:

  • - Fully Hot Runner Mold
  • - 100% Automatic Production & Injection
  • - Very High Production Rate & Cycle
  • - Very User Friendly & Easy Maintenance
  • - Ability to achieve 0.45mm thickness in some Products/li>
  • - 4 Cavity or more subject to Machine capabilities